Choices Magazine

Starting in late August 2016, I began an internship at Choices, a Scholastic Classroom Magazine covering health and life skills for teens.

In January 2017, I continued at Choices as an Editorial Assistant.

While at Choices, I have had the opportunity to work on a small team and learn new skills. Here’s a peek at some things I’ve gotten to work on:

  • This blog post for the magazine’s teacher-facing blog, Choices Ideabook. Our November-December 2016 article, “How Can I…Rock A Group Project?” was written to give students tips on tackling group projects. I designed the accompanying blog post, “How to Make a Group Project Contract,” to be an activity that teachers could potentially use to teach leadership and task delegation along with their group project.
  • A continuing series of weekly teen health-news updates, Teens in the News.
  • Social media posts three days a week on Twitter and Pinterest
  • Updating the Ideabook by posting new blog posts on the CMS as they are written.
  • Keeping up with high school and middle school news in order to write weekly news round-up posts, like this one, this one, and this one.
  • Trained in building the Choices website, and tasked with uploading issue articles onto CMS.
  • Research and pitching of ideas for magazine articles and blog posts
  • Research for online videos and links, and writing of video and online link descriptions.

I have also written slideshow features for teachers to use in the classroom as they teach lessons around our stories:

  • Stress Busters: It’s time to practice a few easy stress-relief techniques you can use anytime, anywhere. Ready to feel calm? Let’s go!


  • Failure Résumés: What if we looked at our shortcomings the same way we looked at our successes? Here, six accomplished adults share the mistakes that mattered most.