Thank you, D Magazine.

Welp. It’s been 3 months, and today was my last day at D Magazine.

Though I’m sad to be leaving, I can say this internship has exceeded my expectations.

At D Magazine, I was the online editorial intern for D’s arts and entertainment blog, FrontRow. I worked under online arts editor, Alex Macon.

My duties as an intern included entering, writing, and updating event listings for our online events database. This task was my least exciting task, but allowed me to practice writing short descriptions of events, for things like poetry readings, concerts, plays, and other performances.

My favorite task was having the opportunity to write for FrontRow. Coming into the internship, I knew I would get to write some, but the amount of writing I was allowed to do was more than I ever thought I would get. I loved writing about things that I had never heard of or knew nothing about; it gave me the opportunity to be flexible with my writing, research, and find out about really cool things in Dallas. I ended up having the opportunity to write 25 stories that have been (or soon will be) published on FrontRow. You can check out all of my stories here.

Instead of boring you with a play-by-play of my experience, I guess I just want to mention some of my favorite, most interesting moments from working at D Magazine, in no particular order:

  • Coming up with the idea to cover Dallas’ own rocker, Dalton Rapattoni, as he competed and made it to the final three on American Idol. I wrote a preview story with a mini bio of Rapattoni, a couple of updates,and my opinion on Dalton’s chances of winning. I talked about his smoky eye once.
  • When Dalton Rapattoni  tweeted out the first article I wrote about him. That was pretty neat to see.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.59.27 PM
  • When Real Housewives of Dallas’ Tiffany Hendra blocked me on Twitter for replying to her tweet that called all D Magazine journalists “spawns of satan.” She was perturbed because of this story that my manager wrote about her Australian/rocker husband’s music. Tiffany could really use one of us to be her social media editor.

    Photographic proof of said blocking.


    Her original tweet.


    Her over-the-top reply to my retweet.

  • Eating lunch with my fellow interns and sometimes exploring nearby Dallas. We walked to Serj, and Klyde Warren Park a few times for lunch. Serj is an adorable coffee shop and cafe, plus they sell books. Klyde Warren has food trucks, and you can be entertained by the strangely fat pigeons who fight each other over dropped food.


    My delish food at Serj

  • Getting to start my internship off by covering something I’m interested in, the present and growing literary scene of Dallas.
  • Writing about artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s “Perfect Baby Showroom.” It was  creepy, yet cool.
  • Getting to learn a little bit about the production side of D Magazine, by meeting with the production director.
  • Working in a really awesome office everyday. The views were stunning!

    view from d

    An office with a view.

  • Trying my hand at being a receptionist. It’s hard work, but D’s receptionist is incredible, and has a pet bird.
  • Getting to be surrounded by truly creative and smart individuals. Shout out to all my fellow interns, especially my sweet friends Elle Carnley, Jatsive Hernandez, and Alex Stewart for making this experience great. Also, shout out to my awesome managers, Alex Macon and Sarah Bennett, who could not have been better (and are both inspiring, talented, and creative people).


    The four muskateers: me, Elle, Alex, Jatsive.


Thanks, D Magazine, for the wonderful, challenging experience, and for the connections made. Goodbye for now.  🙂




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