Thanksgiving calls for a festive Anthropologie DIY/Hack!

Thanksgiving is over. I can’t believe it. 2014 is just going by so fast…and I have been so bad about blogging. But, here’s to trying again.

I went Black Friday shopping this year, as always. Honestly, Black Friday is probably my favorite time to shop. I LOVE getting great deals. I am a self-proclaimed bargain hunter, and I am proud of my skills! This year, my mom, my sister, my grandmother, and I went to Gap on Thursday night. I know there is controversy about Thanksgiving night Black Friday shopping, but I think shopping can be a good way to spend time with family. Anyway, everything in Gap was 50% off. We got there around 7pm and we were literally the only people there. It was like private shopping, and we had a great time! We also went to Target, where we go every year on Thursday night. Surprisingly, Target was not as crowded as it was last year or the year before.

To get to the point of this post…on Friday afternoon, we went to Anthropologie, because everything was 25% off and I needed a new Capri Blue Volcano candle! While we were there, I spotted some beautiful Christmas garland, made of yarn. The $38 (less 25%) price tag seemed pretty steep to me, so today I decided to recreate the garland myself! Follow this super easy tutorial and you can have this garland for yourself!

Supplies needed:

-A chunky white or off-white yarn, less than 1 skein

-A crochet hook (I used a size N for a chunkier look)


Part 1: Making the “snowballs” (pom poms)

The main process of creating this garland involves making pom poms, which are so, so simple to make.

I made my pom poms pretty big, like the size of a pom pom on a hat. I don’t have a pom pom maker, and I didn’t want my pom poms to look too uniform or perfect, so I made them by hand.

First, wrap your yarn around 2 or 3 fingers 40-50 times (excuse my chipped nail polish).


Next, cut the wrapped yarn off of the skein. Then cut a new piece of yarn about 6-8 inches long and lay it flat on a table or flat surface. You want to make sure the piece of yarn is long enough that it will leave 2 little tails(this will be important later). Gently place your wrapped yarn, centered, on top of the new piece you cut.


Tie the piece of yarn tightly and securely around your wrapped yarn.


After you have tied your yarn, you will see that there are now loops on each side of the center. Now, you get to do the fun part! Cut all the loops on each side of the center. Be careful not to cut into the yarn that you tied around the loops!


After you cut all of the loops, you will have one crazy looking pom pom! So you get to give it a trim to even it out a little bit.


I ended up making 12 pom poms! It didn’t take very long either. After making the pom poms, it’s time to move onto the garland.

Part 2: The garland

Using the same skein of yarn, crochet 15 slip stitches.

Tie your first pom pom onto the 15th stitch, using the tails that you left on your pom pom.

Continue to slip stitch about 15 between each pom pom. you can modify the stitch amounts (and the pom pom amounts) based on how long you want your garland to be. Slip stitch 15 more stitches, tie off, and your done! With 12 pom poms, 15 stitches on each end, and 15 stitches between each pom, my garland ended up being over 6 feet long.

Here are some pictures that I took of the finished product. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out!

IMG_6347-3  IMG_6345-3

This is such a quick and easy project. It only took about an hour from start to finish! This could also be fun in different colors or multi-colored, or with an even chunkier yarn(or even a fabric yarn on the garland). Also, I noticed the garland at Anthro has gold tinsel, which is really cute and festive!



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