Inspired: Summer Style

It’s finals week and I am bored with studying…so I decided to write a fashion post!

Here is a first fashion post my summer style inspirations. I hope to have another one sometime soon.

1. The Midi Skirt

One of my favorite new trends this summer is the midi skirt. It’s not too short or too long–it’s just right! Here are some of my favorites!Image

Top RightBottom RightLeft

2. The Jogger

The jogger is the most comfortable pair of pants you will ever put on your body (besides leggings of course). I like to think of the jogger as the modern improvement on the classic harem pant. It has all the comfort of the harem pant, but looks much more flattering. Basically, you won’t look like you have a weirdly long crotch wearing a jogger, as opposed to wearing a harem pant. Anyway, here are some of my favorite joggers. I own the Old Navy pair, and I basically never take them off!



Left, top right, bottom right

3. The “Ugly” Sandal

The formerly “ugly” sandal styles are coming back, and I LOVE it! Why do I love the so-called “ugly” sandals? Because they are also the most comfortable sandals you will ever wear. My personal favorites are the Birkenstocks. I wore Birkenstocks almost every day with my school uniform in elementary school! Another new trend (or old I guess) is the adidas sport sandal, specifically the Adilette, which is now sold at Urban Outfitters. I remember my mom wearing these around the house when I was a child.Image


What do you think about these summer trends? I know I love the fashionable, yet comfortable ease that these styles offer!

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on summer trends!


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Until next time,






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