A Procrastination Post

I am currently procrastinating when I should be studying for my test. Such is life.
So this is me…finally getting around to another blog post. I totally let myself take a break this past spring break. It was full of bliss. I slept in, read a book that wasn’t a textbook, watched some Netflix, and ate some food. I also went to Tennessee and got to see some family in Memphis and some friends at Union. It was a very great spring break in my opinion 🙂
I’ve been thinking of some other ideas for my posts, I won’t give anything away yet, but I have some fun ideas! I definitely want to do some more posts similar to the one post I did with the movie characters…maybe book characters next time? We’ll see!
Like I said in my very first blog post, I have been trying to write more this year, and that has in fact led to some dabbles in the art of creative writing! I have always loved the idea of creative writing, yet the only true attempt was when I entered in a creative writing competition…in 6th grade. I barely placed. My whole life, I have been a lover of fiction, and even, more recently, creative non-fiction. If you have never read any creative non-fiction, I whole-heartedly recommend reading Annie Dillard’s The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, or any of her short stories, specifically An Expedition to the Pole. Dillard’s works are difficult to describe, but I would say that reading them is an experience. She takes many elements of her writing from nature, but one of the most memorable aspects of her works that I read was her use of allusions. Through her allusions you can just feel her knowledge, it basically pours into her writing. It is truly inspiring, and I believe that reading her works may have somehow subconsciously inspired me to try to write, now that I think about it!
Anyway, sorry for the English major-esque rant! This was my way of saying that I might post some of my creative writing attempts when I finish them…maybe.

This is completely random, but I finally got around to watching the movie FROZEN! I know everyone raved about it for months, but in all of the hustle and bustle of moving back to Texas from Tennessee and transferring, I just didn’t get a chance to see it, and by the time I actually had a chance, all my friends had seen it like 3 times and it was only playing in like 1 theatre per 50 mile radius. After seeing the movie, I decided that there is no excuse for not seeing it!
To get to the point, I loved it! It was so cute and sad and heartwarming. Also the music was incredible. My favorite songs were “Love is an Open Door”, “In Summer”, and “Do you want to build a snowman?”. I just love Pixar and everything they do. Their detail is just amazing!

Well, that is all for now. I need to get back to studying for the test I have in the morning.Oh, the life of a college student.
Out of procrastination, a blog post is born. haha

Until next time,