Growing Up.

This weekend I did something that really put me out of my comfort zone. I am a person who basically hates driving. I got my license on time at 16, but I pretty much let my sister drive me anywhere because I just had no interest.
Of course, I eventually drove everywhere, but I still just don’t enjoy driving, and I don’t think I ever will!

So, to get the point: This weekend I had a driving breakthrough!

I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester. So, I decided to drive home to see my family and simultaneously prove to myself that the three hour drive from College Station to Mansfield was something I could handle. It turns out that I basically picked the worst day to drive home. I woke up Friday morning to leave and everything outside was frozen and it had been snowing. I got in my car and it wouldn’t start. After calling my parents, I realized my battery was dead and needed to be replaced. After a series of events, it turns out it was a false alarm and my car just momentarily got a little shocked from the 27 degree weather.
So, I hit the road to head home. I knew it would be a little icy, but I figured it would melt fast and I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
I was definitely incorrect. The ice was basically everywhere until I got a good 75 miles outside of College Station. I was so nervous, but I made it. Luckily, most of the roads and all of the bridges I crossed had dirt on them, so it was safe to drive, but it was still scary!

Needless to say, I felt very grown up to have driven home in precarious weather. I felt proud of myself. 🙂

I ended up having a really nice weekend at home. I rested a lot, ate home cooked meals, got treated to frozen yogurt, and actually did all of my homework! I randomly ate a ton of oranges. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m getting sick. I feel great! I got to catch up on Downton Abbey with my mom. I’m not sure that I like where this season is headed…I’ve already been let down a few times!
I also got to see my cat, Opal, who I miss so much!
Here is a picture I took of her this morning:


Also, I found another show to binge watch on Netflix (because I definitely need another one of those). This time, it’s a show I never thought I’d watch: Grey’s Anatomy. After making it through season one in record time, I have decided that this show kind of feels like a medical spinoff of Gossip Girl, replacing Manhattan’s elite with Seattle’s debt-ridden med school post-grads. And I like it a lot, so far.

Now I’m back at school, preparing for another busy week at A&M. A hard part of transferring has been trying to get into my own niche here, and I know it will take time. I’ve joined an English society here and we have our first meeting this week. I’m pretty excited!
I’ll be applying for a couple other organizations this week, and I’m hopeful that things will start falling into place!

I think, for me, the whole transferring process is just something that I can look at as part of growing up, and learning who I am. It’s hard sometimes, exciting other times, and truly an adventure! I just have to keep reminding myself to take advantage of all the opportunities I have here, because I truly am fortunate to be at such a great university.


New Year, New School…New Me?

It is finally 2014!

I know it is 18 days into the new year already, but that’s not stopping me from a new year’s post.

For me, 2014 is bringing a lot of changes that are both exciting and challenging. But isn’t that what a new year is for?!

My big 2014 change is that I just transferred to Texas A&M University! Gig ’em.

I am now (one of) the loudest, the proudest, most redass member(s) of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2016! A-A-A-A-A!  (That is the official Aggie introduction and it is something I learned when I went to Howdy Camp earlier this month).

I transferred from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Union is a small, private, Christian school of about 5,000. I truly enjoyed my time there and met some of the greatest people. Sometimes, I wish I could just pluck Union out of Tennessee and stick it somewhere in Texas. Union was a really good fit for me, but I missed my family, and truly felt that I wanted to be back in Texas. I am now going to school 3 hours from home rather than 10, which is comforting.

My new school has about 57,000 students.


That is 57 with three zeros.

That is more than the population of Greenland.

That makes Texas A&M the third largest university in the United States and the largest university in Texas.

The College of Liberal Arts in which I am enrolled at A&M has more students than my previous school.

I started school this past Tuesday with much anxiety. Needless to say, as I stepped onto the campus my heart was pounding. I was consumed with fear and overwhelmed by the size of the campus and the many people. The ever-present thought, “Why am I here?” kept surfacing in my mind, as much as I tried to ignore it.

I walked out of the parking garage and towards the first building where I had class. About two minutes into my five-minute walk I saw someone I know, my best friend. I was so surprised. I had no clue of her schedule or where she would be that morning, and I just so happened to cross paths with her.

I was amazed that in my first few minutes on the campus of one of the biggest colleges in the nation I ran into my best friend.

I guess it may be a small world, after all.

So, that is my big change for 2014. Literally 57,000!

This post is also a chance for me to talk about some lovely new year’s resolutions.

I generally don’t make an actual list, I just kind of keep it in my head. I’ve realized that keeping my list in my head probably allows me to easily change my resolutions and not stick with them, so this is my chance to make an actual list.

So here is what my resolutions are going to be (in no particular order) :

1. Do well at school this year. Study hard and get involved.

The challenge here for me will be getting involved. I love being around people and I am generally not a shy person,( though some people mistake my quietness for shyness) but I am an introvert. For me, that means that I am perfectly complacent being alone, sitting in my room and reading, or watching tv. Don’t get me wrong, here. I love having fun, but I need my time to recharge!

2. Write more.

I am an English major, so that means that I love writing and write all the time, right?? Um no. I can crank out a good paper when I need to, but it’s not necessarily easy for me! And taking the time to write just to write is an extreme for of self-discipline. I am so very jealous of all writers and authors who can just write and write and write, because I do not have that skill! But I know that practice will help, so I am resolving to do just that! This blog will help me to fulfill this resolution.

3. Be kind.

I usually come across as a nice, friendly person, or so I hope.  I genuinely love people and I want everyone to feel welcomed and loved. Even so, I sometimes offend friends and family with quick remarks that may not even seem offensive to me at the moment. And gossiping. Come on, we all do it. I think this resolution is just to not say anything unless it is uplifting. I want to be generally more thoughtful and caring towards others, and act on those thoughts!

4. Be healthier, in general.

I want to start making healthier choices. This doesn’t mean going on Weight Watchers or a strict diet and exercise regimen. I just want to make making healthier choices something that comes natural. This could be something little, like skipping fast food, and eating something at home. Or even just stretching before bed, or going for a walk.

5. Get closer to God.

I want to use this year to strengthen my relationship with God. I plan to read my Bible regularly and pray more often. Getting closer to God I think, is about communication and opening up to Him. All relationships are two-way and we can’t expect Him to do all the work! I tend to be very independent in certain ways. I have always hated group projects, and if someone offers to help me with something I usually say that I’ll do it on my own. Sometimes, I forget that God is there to listen to me and help me with my troubles. When I forget that, I let the weight of the world and all my stress fall on my shoulders and I breakdown. I resolve to remember that God is always there, He took the weight of the world for us and continues to daily.

6. Grow.

I want to grow, not physically(because I am already 5’9″) but within. I want to find who I am and figure out my calling. I am one of those people who seriously has no idea what I want to do with my life. So, part of my resolution this year is to find that! Part of this will come from my previous resolution, in that I will listen to God more and keep myself open to Him. I want to become more secure with myself and stand up for my beliefs. I want to grow in my outlook on life. Sometimes I am really negative and I want to resolve to have a positive look on life.

So, I guess those are all of my resolutions for now! Hopefully, if I stick to my resolutions, 2014 will bring a new me! Well maybe not a new me, but a more refined, thoughtful, positive, loving, involved, and secure me!

I am so excited to see what the rest of 2014 has in store.